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XF Marked cards Software|Gamble cheat|Marked poker

The newest generation of analytical software, .Any site, any light, without restriction, friendly interface, before the default boot to himself or his people get the most points the license, easy to operate, that is, places that will, simply by clicking on Intelligent Light Analyzer 0.03 seconds accurate analysis of the size of each card, points made in a timely manner "with" and "not with" the decision to play at the same time automatic identification tips color; (analysis system can be set up to fight a variety of color ways) will be distributed to the maximum point of accuracy himself or his people, player can also play the door of life and death!


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 Poker Intelligent Analyzer and a second more powerful than the computer efficiency Analyzer

A second


 100% accuracy of it? Can Can not
 Can be divided into the door of life and death, control or lose it? Can Can not
 Poker skew, loosening up, confused and so on, does not affect the degree and accuracy of the performance of clear mission it? Can Can not
 From the venue, lighting, equipment and other restrictions?  Installed in the apparatus on the customer requirements?  Right in line with local conditions? Can Can not
 Suitable for a variety of ultra-long-range (hidden type) you focus the lens? Can Can not
 Intelligent computer analysis, the background can be remotely operated with it? Can Can not
 Automatic intelligent analysis? Single-cylinder operation, quick, win the right to only one click in their own right hands? Can Can not
 Analysis of the accuracy of the points of each card, size? Can Can not
 To a one-time analysis of a total of 2 108 poker, up to 27 square card made it? Can Can not
 Automatic Identification tips play color, can play any color control? Can Can not
 As before, set the device to click on location map poker, draw box, and then manually change the color to fight human brain analysis, addition and subtraction so annoying cable licensing action it? Not Not


















Used for:
Private poker gambling;
Party gambling;
Private casino;
Poker match;
Magic show.

Optional Accessories:
1. Hidden-marked Pokers
2. Micro lens which hidden in props(like cellphone,cigarette box,ashtray and normal items which can be placed nearly with pokers)

1. 100% accuracy.
2. 0.3 seconds to automatically indentify the process
3. automatically indentify the color
4. analyze two pieces of Poker total 108 cards, deal 27 cards at maximum
5. continue to analyze the next game after deleting the last game, until game over
6. control the win only to press
7. to set up the death or alive, win or lose freely
8. smart analyzing on computer, cooperate by the remote bachground operation
9. automatical error correction without puting poker in neatness
10. suitable for all kinds of remote hidden lens

A. With automatic error correction function, it will not miss sheets, not make up Poker, not need to adjust zoom;
B. The accuracy rate is up to 100% even the Poker is crook, loose,bounce;
C. only need 0.3 seconds and then report the point,suits of all players automatically and exactly;

This system is absolutely beyond the peers and other computer software analyzer in market. It is also the only one to do that the banker can control the suits, and the general players can control to deal the death or alive. It is a smart poker automatic software which control the failure or win freely.

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